• Software Consulting

    Metis InfoSystems

    A Consulting Group Specialized in Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Business Process Automation, Sales Force Consulting, Web Design and Training

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  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    OBI Apps Suite

    We install, implement, upgrade and maintain Oracle BI Apps. Key benifits of BI Apps, Vanilla Content, implication of your ERP CEMLIS, % fittment of BI Apps for your ERP.... Interested to know more
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  • Enterprise Application Development

    Oracle APEX

    Oracle Application Express is a Web Application Framework, a free tool of Oracle Database, enables us to develop Business Process Automation where Data Management is done online. Enterprise wide applications can be developed and deployed quick and easy. It is also Mobile ready!!
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  • Sales Force dot com


    Note about SFDC and consulting.

Why Metis ?

At Metis,

we believe in providing solutions should go beyond the problem that is currently in perspective. The answers to many questions today businesses ask themselves are hidden with in the data they already have. We help businesses in unraveling what is latent within their data and do so in a cool and smart manner!

About Us

We are a group of specialized people

with rich experience in Oracle Technologies and Sales Force dot com (SFDC) for more than 15 years both in product development and Consulting. Have done Oracle Apps implementaions in North America, Eurpoe and Middle East Regions.